Pure Oregano Oil


Pure Oregano Oil

Comes as 1 ounce bottle

100% Pure Oregano Oil (83% plus Carvacrol rating)

It is suggested that you mix this pure Oregano Oil with Olive oil or other diluting ingredients.

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Pure Oregano Oil: Oregano Oil in its purest manufactured form


Oil of Oregano is a potent oil which is antiseptic and kills parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungus. There are so many benefits to this organic herb. The Greeks knew of its healing and health maintenance qualities thousands of years ago.


It is widely accepted that the wild oregano plant in the Mediterranean region is more potent than what is grown elsewhere. We have made sure our source is from Turkey. Also we only buy pure oregano oil that is rated more than 83% Carvacrol in content. We demand it is 100% steam distilled; that means there are no chemicals used in the process.


The oil is bottled with no additive. Therefore it is suggested that you mix it with other oily ingredients for sub-lingual dosage, or mix with a juice and drink it for digestive intake.

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