natural cold remedy, Oregano Oil, Jerry, Prairie's Edge Texas

The Story of Prairie’s Edge

My name is Jerry. I got rid of my cold with Oregano Oil, a Natural Cold Remedy.

Here is my story

Jerry, The Prairie's Edge Texas, natural cold remedy, Oregano Oil
Disclaimer: No, the Oil of Oregano did not make me look like John Wayne.

About twelve years ago I was traveling in my car with the radio on.
I had tuned into a talk show that I was casually listening to until the man being interviewed said, “You can live without having colds.” That got my attention because I was then suffering with a bad cold.

He was talking about oregano oil and its many helpful benefits. I didn’t care much at the time about the many benefits but I sure wanted to get rid of that cold. He even said that if you presently had a cold, oregano oil could knock it out within 24 hours. Usually I am really skeptical about products and a hard sell, but my cold sure was giving me a fit.
I remembered the health store near my house. So I dropped in to see if they had oregano oil. They did. It seemed expensive but I bought it anyway.
After I got home I followed the man’s instructions to put a drop under your tongue, mix it with the saliva in your mouth and let it set there for a minute or two. Oh how it burned. I didn’t know I was to dilute it. (Later I realized that it needed diluting.)
Now I remembered how he said if you had a cold and you took a drop under your tongue about twice in a day that the next morning your cold would be gone. So I did as he said and sure enough the next morning my cold symptoms were gone.

12 Years Experience

I have been taking oregano oil now for 12 years. Only three colds I have had since then and they were light. I just doubled up on the dosage and the cold was gone the next day. I learned to regularly take a dose every day and now I haven’t had a cold in about 3 years.  For me one drop a day keeps me healthy. Some people take more drops a day. One of these bottles last a long time. An 1/4 oz. spray bottle will last me two months. For me Oregano Oil is truly a natural cold remedy.

Everywhere I go I tell people about how oregano oil has helped me. One of my friends said, “ If you believe in it that much, you ought to be selling it.” So I took his advice, did the research for the best producer and I offer you Pure Oregano Oil and Oregano Oil Spray in an easy to use spray applicator.