Oregano Oil Body Cream


Oregano Oil Body Cream


Our Lab has developed a Body Cream that contains Oregano Oil.

Many people add the Essence Oregano Oil to a carrier cream. We have added our high-Carvacrol-rated Oregano Oil to an already quality body lotion produced by Olea®.

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Oregano Oil Body Cream: Body Cream with Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil infused into an already highly efficient Body Cream produced by Olea®.
Manufacturer: The Prairie’s Edge.
Package Description:  1 fl. oz. / 30 ml Pump Bottle.


Oregano Oil has been studied and found to be Nature’s No.1 Infection Fighter. Combining Oregano Oil with a carrier Body Cream, The Prairie’s Edge has developed an antiseptic cream that will deliver a powerful supplement to boost your Immune System.The Prairie’s Edge has packaged Oregano Oil Body Cream in a small pump bottle which you could easily carry in purse or travel pouch.
I have been using Oregano Oil for over 13 years and rarely get a Cold and have never had to take a Flu shot. I am 66 yrs. old now and just as healthy as can be.– Jerry L.


Alleviates dry skin, roughness, cracking, itching. A full body treatment and much more!  OO Body Cream is not only great for any part of the external body but is excellent for Foot Therapy. Also there is the ingredient of Olive Oil that smooths the skin. We suggest you Google Oregano Oil, and see for yourself the research and the remarkable healing properties of this amazing Herb.

Warning: Do not apply near eyes – External use only – Test on a small area of your skin and discontinue use if irritation occurs – Keep out of the reach of children


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